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My goal is to help South Loop home sellers prepare their home for sale in a way that will maximize the return on their investment. I will start with a thorough market analysis. I’ll create a timeline, with clear dates and deliverables. Using superior marketing and a keen knowledge of the South Loop market I’ll deliver the highest possible price for your home.


Assess renovation needs, improvements or repairs. Over the last several years in particular, South Loop buyers are definitely preferring newer finishes. I’ve worked with a team of contractors at Stark Builders on numerous pre-sale renovation projects over the last ten years, always with successful results that have more than pleased clients. My Zillow testimonials can provide details.

Prepare comparable market analysis of current & past sales which assesses the competition currently on the market and relevant past sales. In the South Loop, with so much variety in models, going back prior to 3 years is often necessary. Using this plus taking into account your location, finishes and overall condition of your home will allow me to determine the exact price to set in order to fetch the highest price.

Prepare marketing materials which stress your home’s strengths, and work with you to make improvements that can raise your home’s value. Often a few updates can help your home sell faster and for more money. Contemporary finishes have been selling homes in Chicago.


If you set price too high, you may sit on the market or go thru numerous price cuts before fetching an offer. If you set too low you risk not receiving the top price possible. While anyone can run the numbers for you, what is crucial is working with a local broker that knows the market extremely well. I’ve worked in this South Loop market for 15+ years. I’ll use all of my skills and experience to help you with this very critical step prior to listing for sale.  


I’ll provide cutting-edge photography, virtual tour walk-throughs, floorplans and videos.  In the new era of the pandemic the online presence must be absolutely top-notch.

I’ll make sure your home looks its best and that you have professional photography done. I work with Brent Borchardt at Brent is a photographer that consistently delivers the highest quality photos which are the crucial first step before actually hitting the market. In addition, I add quality virtual tours and floorplans, to maximize the impact online. With the trend towards a more home cottage working environment the online impact must be immediate and grab the buyer emotionally on the first look. My background in technology provides a key edge in assuring you maximum online exposure, along with various online marketing partners.

When the offers come in, you’ll already have a complete knowledge of the market surrounding your home and working with me, we will make sure the best price is fetched.

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