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South Loop History


On Polk street in Printers Row is the oldest train station still standing in Chicago, Dearborn Station. Although now retail & office space, it’s indicative of the history present thru-out the South Loop.

The South loop boundaries are subject to debate. The area between the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, Cermak Road and Ida B Wells is generally considered the South Loop. South of Cermak, new development in the vicinity of McCormick Place is pushing the boundaries south.

Much of the South Loop was built on land formally occupied by railyards, warehouses and factory lofts. Many of the lofts and warehouses have been converted to residential condominiums. There is no shortage of 100+ year old buildings, completely renovated into luxury residences.
The South Loop historically was home to vice districts, including brothels, bars, burlesque theaters, and arcades. Inexpensive residential hotels on Van Buren and State Street made it one of the city’s Skid Rows until the 1970s. In 1979 the townhomes of Dearborn Park were built, the starting point for the South Loop.

Museum Park & Central Station

Museum park from north-main
Central Station/Museum Park is a large development that extends from Roosevelt along Indiana from Roosevelt road to Cullerton(20th street), along the lakefront and several blocks west of it. There is an abundance of townhomes, ranging from two bedroom up to four bedroom models. Townhomes are located in the Museum Park hi-rise row and extend all the way down to Cermak Road, From Michigan avenue east to the lakefront.

Lakefront High Rise Towers:

  • 1201 S Prairie, One Museum Park West:  53 story, 298 units built 2010.
  • 1211 S Prairie, One Museum Park East: 62 story, 286 units built 2008.
  • 1235 S Prairie, Museum Park Tower IV: 36 story, 286 units built 2006.
  • 233 E 13th,, Museum Park Tower III: 26 story, 206 units built 2005.
  • 1335 S Prairie, Museum Park Tower II: 20 story, 180 units built 2003.
  • 1322 S Prairie, Museum Park Tower I: 20 story, 208 units built 2002.
  • 1841 S Calumet, Museum Park Place: 23 story, 194 units built 2007.
  • 1901 S Calumet, Harbor View: 30 story, 288 units built 2007.
  • 1600 S Prairie, Prairie Point: 161 story, 161 units built 2006.
  • 1629 S Prairie, 1600 Museum Park: 274 units built 2009.

High Rises Close to Lakefront:

  • 100 E 14th, 1400 Museum Park: 33 story, 260 units built 2008.
  • 1400 S Michigan, Michigan Avenue Tower II: 28 story, 257 units built 2008.
  • 1250 S Michigan, Michigan Avenue Towers: 29 story, 228 units built 2006.
  • 1305 S Michigan, Museum Park Lofts II: 21 story, 206 units built 2006.
  • 1720 S Michigan, 1720 S Michigan Lofts: 33 story, 498 units built 2008.
  • 1620 S Michigan, 1620 S Michigan Lofts: 33 story, 249 units built 2006.
  • 1160 S Michigan, The Columbian Chicago, 47 story, 221 units built 2005.
  • 1601 S Indiana, 30 story, 288 units built 2007.

Dearborn Park

From 9th street to Roosevelt, between Clark & State, Dearborn Park is home to the original white Dearborn Park Townhomes, 144 townhomes total. Just north are the yellow Townhomes of Dearborn Park, 46 townhomes total. Just east of Plymouth are the mid rise and hi-rise buildings at 899 & 901 S Plymouth, 1115, 1143 & 1169 Plymouth.

The pool at 1143 S Plymouth can be used by residents of Dearborn Park & Dearborn Park II for an annual membership fee of $550. Roosevelt Park is a huge park in Dearborn Park I, with playground, open space and tennis courts.

Dearborn Park II

Dearborn park II - Chicago homes along plymouth ct-main

Between Roosevelt to just south of 15th, between Clark & State, lies Dearborn Park II. Developments here consist of Federal Square(117 townhomes), Terrace Homes(32 townhomes), Prairie Town Homes(72 units), Prairie Manor Homes(42 single family homes), Atrium Townhomes(14 townhomes), Park Homes(12 single family homes), Chicago Homes(36 single family homes), Newgate Square(41 townhomes), The Rowhouses(72 townhomes) and the Metropolitan Mews(48 townhomes).

Cottontail Park & Mary Richardson Jones Parks are two parks in the neighborhood that have playground facilities and plenty of open space.

Dearborn Village


Dearborn Village is bounded by Clark & State between 18th & 19th streets, south of police department.

These Townhomes feature large interior gated courtyards, very nicely landscaped by the association. Just a few blocks north of Chinatown & close to CTA & major highways, including I-94, I-55 and lakeshore drive.

Dearborn-Village-Townhomes long

Central South Loop

Townhouse, Mid-rise and hi-rise developments all along this huge retail and residential swath that extends from Cermak north to Ida B Wells Drive, along Michigan, Wabash and State.

Central South Loop, north of Roosevelt:

  • 1 E 8th, One Place, 10 story, 91 units built 2007.
  • 41 E 8th  Classic architecture brick exterior hi-rise, 220 units built 2002.
  • 40 E 9th, Burnham Park Plaza, 21 story, 290 units built 1915.
  • 910 S Michigan, Michigan Avenue Lofts, 20 story, 263 units built 1911.
  • 1101 S State, State Place Tower, 24 story, 159 units built 2005.
  • 1111/1133 S State, State Place Tower, 7 story, 243 units built 2001.
  • 1155 S State, State Place Tower, 7 story, 28 units built 2006
  • 900 S Wabash, Fairbanks Lofts, 7 story, 36 units built 1908
  • 1020 S Wabash, Eleventh St Loftominiums, 8 story 49 units built 1917
  • 1111 S Wabash, 1111 S Wabash hi-rise, 247 units 34 story, built 2005

Central South Loop, south of Roosevelt

  • 5 E 14th place, 5 E 14th lofts, 17 story, 104 units built 1999.
  • 50 E 16thth, The Guild, 14 story, 176 units built 2009.
  • 1845 S Michigan, South Michigan Lofts, 20 story, 200 units built 2003.
  • 1255 S State , Vision on State, 17 story, 253 units built 2007.
  • 1503 S State, 15th Street Lofts, 9 story, 78 units built 1970.
  • 1529 S State, South State Condos & Townhomes, 23 story, 143 units built 2001.
  • 1601 S State, 1601 State Condos, 7 story, 43 units 
  • 1845 S Michigan, South Michigan Lofts, 20 story, 200 units built 2003.
  • 1910 S State, State & Archer Lofts, 4 story, 131 units built 2004.
  • 1307 S Wabash, Film Exchange Lofts, 7 story, 78 units built 1929.
  • 1345 S Wabash, South Wabash Lofts, 15 story, 144 units built 2015.
  • 1516 S Wabash, Landmark Lofts, 11 story, 79 units built 2020.
  • 1528 S Wabash, Imperial Lofts, 6 story, 50 units built 1904.
  • 2024 S Wabash, Ravinia Lofts, 7 story, 42 units built 1904.


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